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We continuously invest in identifying new possibilities in logistics which are opened up by evolving technologies. For example distributed ledgers and intelligent process automation put together can take the pain out of customs and border trade management issues in an industry which operates in a highly federated hub & spoke model

As technologies mature the RoI on new use cases improve making the case for industrialization much more feasible

Our relentless commitment lies in exploring fresh opportunities within the logistics sector, propelled by the advancement of technology. By embracing cutting-edge innovations like distributed ledgers and intelligent process automation, we strive to revolutionize customs and border trade management. In a highly interconnected industry that follows a federated hub and spoke model, these transformative technologies work in harmony to alleviate operational challenges.

As these technologies mature and reach higher levels of sophistication, the return on investment (RoI) for novel use cases escalates significantly. This progress makes a compelling argument for the industrialization of these innovative solutions, rendering them more practical and achievable. With a firm focus on continuous improvement, we aim to unlock the full potential of logistics through the harmonious integration of evolving technologies, ultimately enhancing efficiency and streamlining global trade.